About us

IFEXPERIENCE is a company created for those seeking the unexpected. Since its founding in 2006, IFEXPERIENCE has designed and produced exclusive and deeply immersive experiences and projects in the world of art and luxury leisure. We are always in search of marvels hidden behind the ordinary, guiding our guests to discover the authentic soul of every crossed path. Our curated selection of personalized private and exclusive experiences offer you and your loved ones the chance to travel through time and beauty accompanied by expert storytellers, all while exploring singular places. We also support international companies and major brands in devising communication plans, inspiring their creative research, organizing press trips and planning the launch of new collections with impact and originality.

The founders

Daniela Bianco and Filippo Cosmelli are the founders of IFEXPERIENCE. Creative minds in a continuous and lively dialogue, partners at work and in life, parents of three children: Daniela, architect with an international background well-versed in high fashion and lifestyle, is the Managing Director of the company; Filippo, art historian and destination marketing specialist, is its creative soul. Their story, projects and vision have been told by prestigious magazines such as Le Point, Vogue, How to spend It, GQ, Il Sole 24Ore and Vanity Fair. Pioneers in the field of experiential luxury, Daniela and Filippo also offer highly qualified consultancy to brands and companies seeking innovative strategies to engage their best clients and promote their image.

Our team

Art Historians, Designers and Producers: an orchestra of different instruments tuned into the commitment to create immersive, extraordinary and unique experiences and communication projects. Our network also includes the best local experts to guarantee excellent services worldwide.

Social commitment

Our love story with art leads us to constantly study and investigate cultural sites and artworks. Beyond promoting and transmitting the lesser-known treasures of our cultural heritage, we have made it our mission to protect their fragile consistency. For this reason we support restoration and conservation projects aimed at preserving overlooked artistic wonders, often bound to an inexorable oblivion.

Our book

Daniela Bianco and Filippo Cosmelli are proud to introduce their book
Il tesoro invisibile. Viaggio nell’arte custodita nei depositi dei musei italiani
UTET Libri, 2021
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Art and beauty are values to be communicated and shared: our passion is to convey the emotion and amazement felt every time we open a door and unveil an art treasure. This is why we curate and publish thematic retrospectives of the most beautiful places we have discovered, keeping these memories alive.